Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Due to circumstance

What started out to be a plan of two week stay here in our homeland had extended to *gasp* two months. The work permit application procedure for Brian has been taking a long long time at the other side. Still, no news. I don't want to go into the issues of red tape or tapes in other shades, think the colour of charcoal. It has become the unspoken topic between the two of us, lest either one of us (usually me) gets frustrated and a string of unpleasant-ries once again go in the air.

I had packed about a week's worth of clothing then and I think they have started to worn thin after many occasions of washing. Here's a new addition to my 'about a week''s worth of daily wear.

A pattern I use from this magazine. The original pattern is too big in size for me. Being an extreme novice in clothes-making, I simply followed and found that I had to make some major alterations at the sides and the length. I don't know the type of fabric I used. It's brown mainly and it reminds me of tweed but clingy.

I hand applique the mountain patch which I got from one of these.

and embroidered/chain stitched the Sun and rays.

It's actually part of the logo of a brand that manufactures the Calico I have been using. The fabric shop lady knew I was very interested in the logo and gave me a few cut up pieces of them. She said she didn't want customers to think that she charge the screen printed parts when they buy the cloth from her and had them cut up. I was lucky!

I'd also completed the 20 keychain holders I mentioned in my previous post. 10 holders of each trimming used.

Do you know The Observatory? I've been listening to this local indie band and many of the songs have accompanied me while I'm sewing. These songs too, from the one of the members' solo album, Worm. I'm pretty excited(!) about attending the latest album launch on this Saturday.


  1. I commend you for beeing so productive during the stressful time of waiting for work permits. I have been there and know how frustrating it can be. The key chans look great and I am always impressed by the clothing you make. especailly the little patch with the sun embrodery.

    chin up :)

  2. fiona, i can't thank u enuf for all the efforts u put into making these wonderful gifts for the wds. am sure they'll be v delighted & thrilled with it. i'm keeping it quiet for now coz din want the wds to know, haha ;P but i will sure tell them that it's hand-sewn by u *_* yep, chins up... do put into prayers that the permit app process will be expedited.. meantime, do enjoy your days in spore as muz as u can :)i'm sure u'll get inspiration for other projects.


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