Friday, April 06, 2007

Clothing Shopping

Here's the post on my new (old) puchases yesterday.

A brown (a hue I like very much.) dress, handmade by its previous owner. It fits me surprisingly well! It was found, or rather it found me from a rack of many vintage dresses hanged very closely together. It was sticking out so I had to see it first. The sleeves and trimming details are interesting. I was told that it's from the 1970's but I have a feeling it dates earlier.

I call this the 'Taiwan Mama' look. It reminds me of Chinese actresses donning this sort of cardigan in Taiwanese TV drama serials in the late 80's to 90's.

The small shop where I bought them from has an impressive selection of once loved goods and my two clothing were exchanged for less than $fifty. Not too thrifting but definitely not very specialty-ing!


  1. that brown dress is very beautiful, what a find! You must have the special thrifting touch.

  2. what great finds! I love the dress- it will look lovely on you, and the cardy is great- very taiwan-mamaish. i love old clothes.

  3. hey fiona! We missed you at Maad today haha when are you coming back? Let's hang out again soon!!! *cheers*


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