Monday, April 30, 2007

kuti-kuti Earrings ~ Woof! ~ Chirp!

These are about just the jewelery/accessories that I'm capable and interested in making. The reason why these kuti-kuti Dogs/Birds earrings are made is because these plastic kuti-kuti (a local traditional toy) look simply lovely dangling. Dropping them on ladies' and little girls' little ears and catching the sunlight will look pretty, in my eyes, at least.

I had given a pair to my friend "Pomelo" and my brother's girlfriend. The rest will be for sale on my stall table one day.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

journal cover

Recently Brian bought 2 books of blank pages from the shop Muji. He wanted to use them for journaling. Looking at the soft covers of the books I know it won't last long as the covers will not withstand the tumbling around in his bag. I offered to make a cover for one that he will use first.

I used the "eagle on rock" fabric and my favourite green big checks. Measured the height of the book and gave a few extra inches on the length so I could fold and whip-stitch each side in. The red bookmark ribbon frays easily hence I attached red checks over it and sewed the edges.

The word 'soar' was chain-stitched on the cover. I hope it's the state of mind he could attain whenever he picks up this book.

Friday, April 27, 2007

It's all in the mind.

Good vs Evil

A playful shot of all Beepbots on cushions at war, I call it the Moral war. The intention is, of course, the Good will win considering the wee number of the other side. Unless, it's the battle of wits, the evil might win. Still more minds of the Good could be useful.

My last three cushions. I targeted to complete 10.

Serial #0014

Left: Evilbot (Serial #0015)
Right: Evilbot (Serial #0016)

This morning, like clockwork, I switched on my laptop and visited my regular blog-reads after breakfast. In Melissa's post, she mentioned one from Wish Jar Journal that hit me in my face quite literally.

I realised my disconnection with real life is quite severe and all symptoms described me to a big T. It puts me back to perspectives and made me think what sort of mindsets (or rather not) I should have when I return to Palembang. The things and areas I should work on to better the health of my mind and body. Lots.

For a start, I should give the laptop a clear and enjoy what a morning brings after breakfast.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Toot Toot Bear's Story

This bear is made for Brian. Obviously, you can tell my inspiration came from this recent book. Why the name Toot Toot? Toot Toot in our (Brian & mine) language means nerdy.

Brian once had a pair of wear-at-home shorts that didn't fit him too comfortably. After some desperate wears, he decided to give it up. I rescued it and cut it up, hoping to recycle for my sewing projects. There were a few occasions when Brian was wearing that pair of shorts, he pulled the waist very high up to his chest and stuck out his two front teeth on purpose. That totally cracked me up.

"So toot toot!"

You guessed it, Toot Toot Bear's pants came from that pair of infamous shorts.

I also recycled his old purple T-shirt for the bear's body and stuffing from an old cushion. Before we left for Palembang, I had kept the cushion in the cupboard, not 'bear'ing to throw it away. Since the fabric of the cushion had frayed rather not too nicely, I decided to wash and sun the cushion and used the stuffing instead.

Toot Toot Bear & his Pants: Tutorial

Toot Toot Bear

is my first pattern. I'll like to share this pattern and making instructions with anyone who is interested in making this little nerdy bear. I have to apologize for this poorly made instructions though. It's at this moment I wish I have knowledge and skills in webpage designing and lots of Tech~ mojo. Forgive me if I did not use proper sewing terms in my instructions. It's still a learning process for me.

Here's the pattern.
I drew all Toot Toot Bear's body parts on an A4 size paper.

Click on image to enlarge to any size you fancy. For Mac users, feel free to drag image to your desktop.


Some ideas:
*If you're making a Toot Toot Bear for a child, you can use fabric or felt for his eyes and not use buttons. Simply attach arms to Bear's body without the buttons.
*Recycle your loved ones' old clothing! Use parts of old clothing to make this bear.
*Have fun!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Beepbot Mojo is back.

Top Beepbot (Serial #0010)on a cushion cover was done sometime back. His secret nickname is Ro-bee hood. Oops.. no more a secret.

The bottom two cushions are completed today. (Right: #0011; Left: #0012+#0013)

"I'm not good with words. Although my mind could be crammed jammed with thoughts, I have to make an effort to let them take shape in the form of words. Whew, that was hard!" Fiona

Monday, April 23, 2007

I feel so pampered. (part 2)

More fabric goodness from Beehui and her mum. Nearly 2kg of them in shopping bags. There are a good selection of mostly cotton, some plain and others with nice patterns.

Here are my faves..

Thank you lots, Beehui and Mama! *big smile*

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I feel so pampered.

A craft book was given to me yesterday. It wasn't my birthday!

Who gave it to me?
"Pomelo" thought of me! Generous (and intelligent too. Nope, not sucking up, I swear. In my honest opinion, she is really!) friend, she is.

I feel so flattered and spoilt. *big smile*

Here are some reasons why I'm sure the book will bring me many hours of joy.

It's written in Chinese (my first chinese craft book!) and there are wonderful patterns of toys to follow. Who would have thought of making toy zebra and bear out of socks? I wouldn't. Sock monkeys are still stuck in my head.

The author shares snippets of her life in her book. She declared herself as a coffee lover and her partner hence labeled her a coffee bug.

I haven't read on from there but I couldn't resist looking through the photos of the handmade softtoys in the book. I'll like to share some pages here..

A Fox that seems to step out of Quentin Blake's illustrations.

A button for a snout.

Some cute ideas on clothes making. Using a baby mitten to make an overall for a tiny bear.
I've decided. Toy animals need clothing too.

Thank you so so much, You~zi aka "Pomelo"! *big big smile*

Thursday, April 19, 2007


:: Took a walk at my favourite place. :: To reinvigorate my mind never mind it had to be in the noon of high humidity. :: Want to get back there again soon. ::

:: Took a walk at a mall.:: Air-con!! :: Lingered around a good long time in this cute world.:: Swoon! ::

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

smoky meal

The weather has been quite predictable lately. Hot sunny mornings, thunderstorms in the afternoon and then late evenings of humidity.

There was a planned BBQ for six to be held in honor of a girlfriend last night and the weather was a little worrying before that. But the skies held and we had a good meal of grilled vegetables, roasted chicken which Brian and I brought (and spoilt the purity of the occasion. chuckles..), and a good double fudge brownie cheesecake for the star of the night, a friend who is a vegetarian and celebrates her birthday today.

It was a gathering of tasty grilled tom yum flavoured vegies, caramelized marshmallows+bananas, (how could I miss out the superbly marinated mushrooms, our pugilistic-chef friend+brudder?), decent drinks and good ole' conversations.

The gift made for Siew Cheng.

A zip purse made of scrap fabric. I attached a rose quartz apple pendant at the beak of the appliqued eagle for we share a common interest in cystals.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Touting. When crafting leads to selling.

The other day I got these done and they had been lying around until they decided (yep, fabric rules.) to be part of zip+fabric+trimming purses. Handles are added for convenient carrying. Each purse is good for a mobile phone, a small money purse, keys and even an EZ link card! (Excuse me for touting.)

These 4 Courting Owls Series' purses will be for sale at my next craft stall (in a few months' time I hope..).


"In the Woods"

"Hi there!"

"So in love"

A small peek at the floral lining:

Happy weekending! *big smile*

Friday, April 13, 2007

Reminders of Childhood days

As a child, I remember watching The Sound of Music on videotape, rewinding it and watching the show on TV again and again, I think much to the annoyance of the adults around me. Do re mi was the first song I tried playing on a wooden toy piano I had. I still count many songs from the musical as my favourites today.

Guess the thrill I had when I listened to the tracks from the record Brian found and bought for me yesterday. I went nuts mimicking the high notes and completely enjoyed the crackle and pop sounds while the second hand record spin.

I was out getting some boring craft materials and saw these embroidered handkerchiefs sold in a dozen yesterday.

Handkerchiefs made in the earlier days remind me of a school teacher who taught Chinese to me. She gave hankies to us children as a form of reward for good results and on Children's Day. She was one of the warmest and kind teachers I had, and most effective too. I'm still able to recite a 'Ching Ming' poem we were "forced" to memorise and write (yikes!) at that time.

A sweet friend/blogger I made through the internet has an online shop!
tiny happy shop run by Melissa of tiny happy.
Her peony baby shoes had me ogling at it for the longest time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Due to circumstance

What started out to be a plan of two week stay here in our homeland had extended to *gasp* two months. The work permit application procedure for Brian has been taking a long long time at the other side. Still, no news. I don't want to go into the issues of red tape or tapes in other shades, think the colour of charcoal. It has become the unspoken topic between the two of us, lest either one of us (usually me) gets frustrated and a string of unpleasant-ries once again go in the air.

I had packed about a week's worth of clothing then and I think they have started to worn thin after many occasions of washing. Here's a new addition to my 'about a week''s worth of daily wear.

A pattern I use from this magazine. The original pattern is too big in size for me. Being an extreme novice in clothes-making, I simply followed and found that I had to make some major alterations at the sides and the length. I don't know the type of fabric I used. It's brown mainly and it reminds me of tweed but clingy.

I hand applique the mountain patch which I got from one of these.

and embroidered/chain stitched the Sun and rays.

It's actually part of the logo of a brand that manufactures the Calico I have been using. The fabric shop lady knew I was very interested in the logo and gave me a few cut up pieces of them. She said she didn't want customers to think that she charge the screen printed parts when they buy the cloth from her and had them cut up. I was lucky!

I'd also completed the 20 keychain holders I mentioned in my previous post. 10 holders of each trimming used.

Do you know The Observatory? I've been listening to this local indie band and many of the songs have accompanied me while I'm sewing. These songs too, from the one of the members' solo album, Worm. I'm pretty excited(!) about attending the latest album launch on this Saturday.

Monday, April 09, 2007

project 'pay it forward'

I have been thinking of the project I promised and decided these

will be the ones (instead of pouches. Can't blame me for wanting to hoard all fabric if I can!) I will be making for friends of Beehui and mine. The three keychain holders are made of vintage trimming, recycled green fabric and metal rings for keys.

Got to get more of these metal rings as I will be making 20 of these holders.

Happy Monday to you!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Clothing Shopping

Here's the post on my new (old) puchases yesterday.

A brown (a hue I like very much.) dress, handmade by its previous owner. It fits me surprisingly well! It was found, or rather it found me from a rack of many vintage dresses hanged very closely together. It was sticking out so I had to see it first. The sleeves and trimming details are interesting. I was told that it's from the 1970's but I have a feeling it dates earlier.

I call this the 'Taiwan Mama' look. It reminds me of Chinese actresses donning this sort of cardigan in Taiwanese TV drama serials in the late 80's to 90's.

The small shop where I bought them from has an impressive selection of once loved goods and my two clothing were exchanged for less than $fifty. Not too thrifting but definitely not very specialty-ing!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Go-Green." - Beepbots

Lounging, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

These are Beepbots with a message. Each has a flower theme fabric for its body. They are on cushion covers covering brand new clean cushions and each cushion cover has a green colour reused fabric for lining and really soft cotton for the front.

The sad thing is they can't go to good homes yet. Why? The fifi labels are all in Palembang. So these Bots in the meantime will lounge around in air tight containers for good safekeeping until they are officially tagged.

This one reminds me of our yellow spongy idol.

#0007 always pull at my heartstrings whenever I see it. What's a Bot with a hibiscus flower for an antenna?

Check out my new buy(s) today!

These gave me the joo joos and jaggedy jays. I nearly did a hands in the air dance in the shop only to save Brian from some embarrassingly embarrassment.

We've been on a "vintage hunt" lately. Staying clear of the regular shopping malls, we chose to visit thrift stores and hit Sungei Road a few times. I have two new (old) buys from a shop, a nice discovery sometime ago. I'll show them tomorrow.

Monday, April 02, 2007

old school toys

old school toys, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

The two harmonicas that ET was pointing at were from a shop in Bussorah Street yesterday. Now that I remember the street's name. They are made of wood and tin so I find them really charming. They are in mint condition!

Some =old toys= websites (local):

:: MINT Museum of Toys ::

:: MoST (Musuem of Shanghai Toys) ::

"Am considering visiting these two places."

:: The Toys Museum ::

"Do check out the website's Intro. Cute."

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Love the old

I was sitting down at an eatery somewhere near Arab street with a coconut on the table, beating off the heat in the late noon and this view caught my eyes.

Old & New buildings, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

I like to see modern buildings in the background of traditional shophouses.

Serial #0005.
Birthdate: 1 April 2007

It's on a cushion cover which is completed this morning. Beepbot #0005 is on really soft cotton and the lining is a floral reused fabric. This cushion is going to a friend's home. (Hint: This friend was mentioned in my recent posts. *Wink*)

I've been on a Beepbotic frenzy, haven't I? Will try to make something else till the Bot fever subsides!