Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Winnie, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

The blog entries have been getting lesser due to the fact that I've not any craft work to log lately. I'm still in Singapore = minus (sewing machine + complete set of materials)! It has been agonizing while waiting for the official paperworks to be completed. In order to pass my time a little fruitfully, Yvonne, my sis-in-law has been so kind to lend me a cross-stitch book she had borrowed from the library, given me threads, aida and a needle for me to get this African grey parrot done.

This small project is for Brian as he once kept an African grey named Winnie.

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  1. Hey nice cross stitch, anything to keep those crafting juices flowing eh? I like the african grey, it reminds me of my old nieghbor from the states who had one and they are really clever birds. His could poo on command (bombs awawy!) I kidd you not.
    ps why are you still in singapore?


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