Sunday, March 04, 2007

Some photos and sleepy rambling

MAAD Poster, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

Red Dot Museum @ Maxwell

Bulletin Board

Arty graffitied walls in the museum

Some of my stuff on display this morning

There are so many stories to share. But my eyes are struggling to open, my mind functioning a tad too slow and my muscles are sounding a resounding alarm now. But still! All I can conclude is I've so much fun! Meeting new people, sending my toys and bags and brooches and pouches and an apron off to their new nice owners and having my eyes feast on so many of my neighbours' wonderful creations on their tables.

The best story I have of the whole experience is related to Xiao Bai. Yvett, a stall neighbour had her eyes on it and it's because it really looks like her maltese at home, Xiao Bai(too!). Her husband secretly purchased it from me today and when Yvett saw that the toy was no longer at my stall, I had to play along and tell her it was not available for her anymore. I was so sorry I had to lie and I could so feel her sadness. Of course, she had a surprise waiting for her! I'm so happy Xiao Bai has found a doting owner!

the shoppers and stall people yesterday

my shopping. how could I resist?

I bought a sling pouch of a "Mickey mouse with moustache" as so Xin of Maki Squarepatch put it. I am a secret big fan of them sisters and I thought it was time I make a purchase! I was worried I may seem too enthusiastic at their stall!
There's a clay rose hairpin from my neighbour Nora and a Bread expiry tags(!) earrings from Knotty Bicsie's stall. Brian got 2 keychains custom made at a neighbour across.

It' funny how my lack of confidence then and some worries initially had vanished by the time I packed up for the day. It has been a wonderful two days of running a stall experience and oh! today, a meaningful last day of the 15 days of lunar new year celebrations.


  1. thanks for sharing your experiences at the MAAD show. Congratulations on doing so well! It sounds like a lot of fun. I love doing craft shows like that because you get to meet so many like-minded people- oh, and buy their stuff :)

  2. wow what a great expereince and so successful! I am glad you had a good time and gained inspiration and confidence towards your work! The place looked absolutely hopping with interesting items for sale, great display set ups, and creative people. WHAT FUN!

  3. hey fiona!! so surprised to meet u there! yeah it was so much fun!! :)

    finally found ur blog again...

  4. excited and enthusiastic customers keep us happy!!! :D thanks for coming by our stall first thing in the morning. and i really adore your owl eyeglass covers they ROCK! -enqi


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