Friday, March 30, 2007

It's Ma's birthday.

Mum's birthday gift, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

This cross-stitch was done for my mum (Thanks Yvonne, for the materials!) and I attached a heart shape rose quartz pendant to it.

Here's a close up of an old photo of the two of us many years ago. I think this was taken at Toa Payoh park. I like the way she posed for this picture.

I have been sewing on a coffee table since I got my machine. Not too good. So I had been playing with the thought of 'tablenapping' my mum's which she has kept in the storeroom for ages. I feel it is time it sees light again. She agreed to give it to me! Whoopie! (Now I'm scheming on her Apollo machine. Nar.... I'll rescue you one day! Don't you worry, Apollo!)

So off Brian and I went to my parents' yesterday. My dad and Brian did some work on it. They removed the inner compartment for keeping the machine and drawers as the wood has warped. The table's form is currently just a metal stand with a treadle and two slabs of wood. Brian sand the wooden base and polished it proper this morning and Ta da!!


  1. That is such a sweet gift. Thank you for sharing this! And Happy Birthday to your mom!

    (I just discovered your blog last week and am really enjoying it.)

  2. Haha! i used ot do that too- put the new one on top of the old... this setup looks so familiar! :D
    Toa Payoh park is now much changed... :S
    You're not in S'pore?

  3. happy birthday, fiona's mum!
    i love your new sewing table- it's perfect!


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