Thursday, March 15, 2007


I've always wanted my blog to have a banner. It's something I always notice and enjoy looking at whenever I visit the many bloggers out there. When I first started on Blogger I really did not know the how-tos. So I had to use the 'dots' template as my first start out and I really just wanted a plain white background then.

Alas,I decided it's time.

Why the spelling error? I had initially wanted 'table calendar' as the blog title. Funny it didn't pass and Blogger suggested 'table calender' in return. Being the myopic me, I said "What the heck." Pressed the okay button and it took a few errors in getting into the page in order for me to realise the mistake. Anyway, I just learnt that a calender is "a machine in which cloth or paper is pressed by rollers to glaze or smooth it". Cloth and papers are definitely the stars of my favorite things so having part of the blog title to be named as a machine for them is still a good sign although I hate to abandon my original idea!


  1. I'm glad u're back in Palembang safely :) m sure your blog will get nicer each time as u get the hang of it *_*

  2. You might be short-sighted, but the new blog banner looks great!

    ;) Helen

  3. hi
    i have been absent the past week or so but I am back now! I like the new look too


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