Monday, March 05, 2007

Burmese Batik

Burmese Batik, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

I'm out with Brian today, accompanying him for stitches removal. He has recovered well, thank goodness. To max out our day, we had a haircut at a salon new to us. My head is so much lighter now! I was about to lop off my slightly over the shoulder hair, nearly wanting to give up keeping it long but our hairdresser did a good job on my head and the idea was off.

I really just want to talk about these 3 batik cloth I exchanged $10 for. But why the mundane and so unnecessary words above? The story just has to lead on telling that since I'm so hooked onto butter naan these days, we made a trip to the nearest Indian vegetarian fast food restaurant to pack it for dinner at Peninsula Plaza after the haircut. (Whew!)

That plaza has a quaint special aura. I attach its smell to be coming from the food 'cafes' in it and these 'cafes' sell Burmese food. There are also a number of shops run by Burmese selling some Myanmar foodstuff and items. There is a good selection of batik sarongs. I realise japanese kimono fabric (some pretty ones, there are!) for sarong wraps are very well stocked in these shops. But I went for these 3 of 2metre each. I'm so drawn to the mystcal prints and I'm a stickler for unique prints on batik cloth. I'm thinking of using them for bag making and maybe a wrap skirt.

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  1. japanese kimono fabric?? i've gotta get myself to peninsula! Thanks Fiona! :)


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