Thursday, March 08, 2007

Auras and Craftbooks

Auras on 8Mar07, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

Do you believe in auras? There is a shop Brian and I came across today having a special gadget claiming to be able to 'photograph' human auras and computerise a 3 pages worth of explanation on your different auras, different shades of colours representing different auras. In the spirit of fun, Brian and I decided to have ours taken.

The one with orangey tone is mine. On my right, there is a turquoise tone which says I'm generous and peaceful(?). On my left, orange tone says I'm creative and artistic. (Hmm...) My throat shows white which means spirituality. (Wow..) The centre shows orange which says I'm expressive and sunny. (It's more like something I'm always working on although I don't think it's my true nature. I'm more of an introvert.) The second page goes a little more in detail though of that shade. It says 'Joy and creativity are what you wish to focus on at this point in time. Friendship, socializing, having fun and being yourself are present goals most important to you now......' That is quite an accurate reflection of my life these few days.

Auras aside, two new craftbooks into my collection. ("Thank you Brian! Why did the 20% discount have to take effect only TOMORROW?")

On the left is a softies making book -ISBN4-579-10921-X- and on the right, some clothes in it -ISBN4-579-11043-9-I have decided to make already.


  1. hi,
    interesting you guys had your Aura's photographed. I don't think I beleive in them, sor to fm like star signs and numerology, a bit of fun though:)

    Nice craft books. I am sure you will get loads of ideas.

  2. yes i do believe in them and have seem glimmers of them on the odd occassion. I have often throught about getting one done


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