Saturday, February 03, 2007


button-over pouch, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

On the day I took the plane back to Palembang, I'd forgotten I had a small pair of scissors (which I'd packed together with my square & heart quilt patches) in my bag. My intention was to do some hand quilting in Singapore then but I didn't get around it. So at the airport, going through the custom, I was asked to remove my scissors (I'd completely forgotten I had it! and the patches too.). I was told I could get it back upon arrival but once on foreign land I didn't know where to retrieve it. Didn't want the unnecessary hassle and forced myself to give it up. I kicked myself real hard then for being careless.

I grow attach to things I use often and the pair of scissors has a sentimental value.

While making the pouch today, I had to 'make do' with my fabric scissors for snipping off threads and mourned the loss of its friend at the same time.

Maybe its lethargy, I'd to reacquaint myself with the step peddle of the sewing machine and felt a little distanced from whatever I was doing on my sewing table. I hope my crafting mood gets back soon.


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