Monday, February 05, 2007

Learning Adobe Photoshop

Mambo & Gioia, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

Normally our dogs are not allowed on furniture. See the two on our bed? I guess rules are made to be broken. Well, usually broken when they got their baths. The day after they stop smelling nice, I would even have to consider allowing them into the room. The photo was taken after the three got their fur off yesterday. Mambo just loves snuggling into warm stuff (read: our blankets) if he gets the chance. The bundle of black thing over there is Gioia.

I took a little opportunity to play with the Photoshop in Brian's laptop in the office today. Learnt the tools of cropping, image sizing (Thanks, Kimberlee! For letting me know I could do that.) and adding text on the photo. I'm amazed at the many various tools that I've yet to know of.

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  1. Cute pup! Let's see the other two now! I should email you photo's of my little dog Yoshi.
    I am so glad you gave photo shop a try, i was very intimidated by it as well but once you get over that aspect and just play around, its fun! and very useful!


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