Monday, February 26, 2007

Comics/Bambi/Brian's horror/MAAD

Jack and Jill (Comics), originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

These Jack and Jill (Comics) were accidental finds when I was at Bras Basah Complex earlier today. It's the place I would love to go find some second hand books which I'd wonder why they got thrown out/sold by their previous owners and I'd gleefully bring them home. I went there today looking for some old comic books for its old colourful pages which I'll be using for making cards to sell. These 6 were part of my purchase and they were all published in the year 1977. I will not be using them though. Haven't had the heart and courage to cut them up.

I have a new addition to my fabric family! A bambi theme fabric my sis-in-law, Yvonne gave me from her recent trip to Japan. Another item I haven't had the heart and courage to use.

I'm even more determined to visit Japan after listening to Yvonne recounting her experiences there.

Brian will be undergoing all four of his wisdom teeth extraction tomorrow. I'm thinking lots of porridge and soup for the days ahead. Because of the surgery, we'll be extending our stay here which means I am able to set up a stall at MAAD this weekend. I feel lucky that I wasn't rejected! I'm all nerves once in a while. I mean I feel happy, excited, nervous and worried all at the same at some parts of my day. but I'm really looking forward to it!


  1. oh, poor brian! I have putting that off myself, because i am too scared. Good luck to him!
    I adore that bambi fabric. Lucky you! What will you make with it?
    And that's wonderful news about the craft stall... wishing you lots of courage and fun!

  2. Lovely lovely Japanese fabric!

    Best of luck with your stall and happy creating with your papery finds.

    x Helen

  3. gi ahead and cut up those comics, think of it as giving them new life as cards. Thats what I think when I tear into the most beautiful vintage books, otherwise I would be so scissor shy I would never be able to make a single card.

    yeah! you got a stall!!! take loads of photos so we can see what you are selling:)

  4. best of luck! we'll try to visit but no promises coz Sasha's grooming scheduled on Sat and goin to career fair on Sun. :) lots of love from nat, spyder, rusty, vodka, sasha and spice.


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