Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hearts quilt, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

The quilt was rushed to be completed yesterday considering the day it was. I wanted to post this up but other things just got in the way, as always, didn't they? The hearts quilt is happily hanging on our bedroom wall now. Brian and I made it a point to put the nails into the wall last night, up it went hanging and well, the day ended significantly then.

I cheated by quitting hand applique(ing) the hearts on each square patch less than halfway and used my machine instead. Did I mention I was rushing? I'll be putting my machine a rest and I sort of welcome the rest too as I'll be celebrating Chinese New Year this weekend. Meeting up of family and friends in Singapore for the next two weeks or so would be a too exciting and happy affair for me to miss sewing.

The heart patch of the elephants is my favourite.


  1. I feel the love Fiona, great quilt. What an undertaking as well, you should be proud to have finished and in perfect timing with international love day. Happy (late) v-day and Happy New Year. Enjoy your time with fam and friends in s'pore.

  2. wow, fiona, what a wonderful piece of work! I don't blame you for switching to machine sewing- I'd do the same- and yes, that little elephant patch is so sweet.


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