Tuesday, January 16, 2007

sewing pattern portfolio

sewing pattern portfolio, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

Whenever I want to sew a particular something that I see from one of my books or a vintage pattern, I don't have the heart to cut the pattern up from the original envelope. So what I'll do is to take the tracing paper, use a marker and trace the pattern on it and then cut it up. The file comes in handy then for keeping the different patterns in separate sheets and for easy future reference.

On the cover of my file, I have some paper stuff like a brochure, a bookmark made by a friend, a postcard, a tabasco cut-out from its box and a childhood photo taken with my beloved aunt.

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  1. Hi Fiona!
    I just found your blog today and was excited to see that you are living in Sumatra. I have been there once, to Pekanbaru in fact.
    Anyway, I love your little bag/camera case. We just got a new digi camera for Christmas and I have been thinking of ideas for it's case ever since.... your case is very inspiring. Also I admire how organised you are, the traced patterns artfully aranged in a portfolio- get out! it's fabulous! Sure there is beauty in chaos but there is SO much beauty in the simplicity of tidy spaces. Call it Feng Shui or minimalism or some combination of the two, but you've go it.


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