Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Old typewriter. New beginnings.

Some random thoughts and a new resolution today.

Just before the 28 dec when Brian and I left for Jakarta, I had meant to blog my resolution. Because of timing and the quake in Taiwan(?), blogger had difficulty welcoming me because of bad internet connection. So I'd to leave the new year's entry until today when we returned.

An old typewriter still in use.

typewriter at Panaco, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

It's in the older shop of my father-in-law's. I took a picture of it when the shop's closed for the December holidays. Typewriters (in use) were a rare sight from where I came from.

Nothing crafty to show. (Random thoughts, eh?) Do fabric and buttons count?

fabric & buttons, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

I got these in Jakarta. Brian's cousin and family were kind and sweet to take note of my interest/hobby and brought me to a part of town where there are textile shops all around. I got hold of 4 different fabric and some old new buttons.

Okay, my year 2007 resolution.

I guess declaring just one will do. One that is achievable and one that I can really work on. Of course there are some hopes for the new year. But they're hopes and too personal to declare on the internet?

So here goes..

To speak fluent conversational bahasa Indonesia.

I need a teacher. Getting hold of a language teacher and really attending lessons are some practical steps. Being able to speak the language is especially critical to me now because I feel I'm slowly and dangerously alienating myself from the local people. When I know of some locals who speak English, I went "Oh! you speak English?" Acting like a fool. Complete idiot I am. Not nice. Then there were awkward silence after the greetings if they don't. So not nice.

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