Wednesday, January 10, 2007

lop-sided ears geek

eyeglass & case, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

The other day I went to fit a new pair of spectacles, I realised after so many years of wearing them, my left ear is a little lower than my right. The shop's salesman had to adjust the plastic frame to keep it from looking too slant on my face. I find it a little ticklish that I only know this about myself now.

I've had metal frames for my last few pairs of spectacles. This is a change and I like the colour. I think I'm officially a geek who comes complete with the looks. Ha ha!

Beside the eyeglass (I like the quaint term, although mine has plastic lens!) is an owl eyeglass case I made sometime back. There are 3 of them and for the SIP stall which honestly, I have a feeling will not work out at all.


  1. oh no, don't say that! I'm sure your SIP stall will happen... even if it does have to wait for a while.
    Geeks are lovely, anyway, so hooray for one ear being lower than the other :)

  2. oh wow! Thisis a great great idea and makes me want to upgrade from my boring blue, issued-by-the-eye-doctor case I store my glasses in! did you use a pattern?


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