Sunday, January 21, 2007

judged a book by its cover

ISBN4-309-28019-6, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

In my previous post, I mentioned using a pattern from this book for the smock I made. It's a pity I could not load more pics of the book's content on this post. It's my only book on clothes-making so far and the reason why I chose this from the store's bookshelf months ago was because of its cover. Well, more like it's because of the dress the model was wearing on the cover.

I love the high neck collar and the drop shoulder sleeves, the grey of the fabric and the many buttons in a row. Plus, it's a knee length dress (!) and has tie-back strings (the only fault I find in this dress. Aren't tie-backs for little girls' dresses and maternity wear?). Still, I find it very chic and I think being able to reproduce it will be the ultimate.


  1. AHHH Japanese clothing, so creative and simplistic, I agree, reproducing this dress would be ultimate!

    Hey maybe you are having trouble uploading more than one photo because the file size is too big? I had trouble with that in the past before Luke taught me to resize/compress them. Just a though anyway.

  2. ooh, i can see why you were drawn to that book... i love that dress. I'd love to see a Fiona-made version of it.


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