Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's a smock top making day.

white linen smock, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

Before I picked up sewing, I used to think that homemade clothes are limited to pyjamas and wear-at-home shorts. Clothes to be worn out (of home) have to bought and should I want something special that fits to my size, I go to the seamstress. and So.... my mindset has changed!

Eversince I discovered the craft-blogworld, I have known of crafters capable of making beautiful clothing for themselves and their children. I was thoroughly inspired and I still am. Keeping in mind of all the pretty clothes that I had seen, especially Melissa's brown smock, I told myself I would try making something that I WILL wear out one day.

So smock-inspired, I looked through my books and aha, I have one which I think will be in my next post (becos I just can't load two pics in one post right now, sigh.). There is a dress pattern I could use from the Japanese craft book. The dress wasn't exactly my style but I could use the instructions for the top half.

After many days of hesitation, I finally looked through my fabric box today and found the white linen which is the best I could use for clothing. Initially, the smock was a little loose and that explains the adjustment in the front and the two green buttons. I guess this smock should go well with my dark blue denim jeans and a grey cardigan, the two which I so often don nowadays.


  1. lovely linen smock, fiona! i really like the design... and you're right, it's perfect to wear with a grey cardy and jeans.
    looking forward to seeing more of your lovely handmade clothes...

  2. well done! my favourite part is the little green buttons so I am glad that you had to make some final adjustments:) I too am very hesitent to make clothes for myself but you've done it so maybe I can too!


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