Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Finally, but thru flickr

If you have not already know, I have had some issues with uploading my photos to blogger directly from my computer. I did managed to upload some photos today but through flickr. I'm new to it, just signed up today. Will I have to use it all the time now that I'm puzzled with what was going on at Blogger? I'll just have try, wait and see.

chair cushion, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

Does the quilt cushion look right at on my red swivel chair? I'm not too sure yet. I stitched on the batting and back fabric today after machine stitching the triangle patches together yesterday. Actually I had this set of triangle patches for a while. Got them from Sylvia, Brian's cousin when I visited her and family on my first trip to Jakarta. I'm inspired by the way she decorates her home with many of her handicraft. The previous trip in December we visited her in her home, her daughter had a pink with butterflies quilt for a blanket. It made me feel so cosy and warm in the heart.

I've been making things like bags and toys. Maybe it's time I start thinking of making things I can use or see around the house.


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