Saturday, January 06, 2007

Disappointment. Re-think expectations?

About a month ago, we are fortunate to get broadband at home and soon after uploading pictures were a breeze. Until recently, my patience is put to test again. I had been trying to upload the pictures for my previous post without success.

I had a few craft done and setting up this blog for the purpose of logging them up, I feel frustrated that my blogging could not keep up with my sewing. Perhaps I should take a long 'sabbath' from my bloglife considering the unneccessary stress of not knowing what was going on in the air, staring at the monitor waiting and wasting hours away.

Til the forces are here, I shall be back.

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  1. oh, no- you poor thing! I'm sorry your connection is not powerful enough to upload the photos you want to right now.
    Hope you're well- enjoy your break?
    Melissa x


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