Thursday, December 14, 2006

year end thoughts

The year is almost coming to an end. I've started thinking of new year resolutions. Not that I can remember what this year's was. It just feels better that I'm making plans and maybe if I were to declare on this blog, I might remember and stick to them. Well, I'll think...

I've also been doing some reflection. On what this year means to me. On my relationships with my family. Of some friendships, distanced, fostered, lost.... Of some things I'd done, should have done...

I was grateful for the job I'd held previously for that was my dream job and I was thrilled that I could get it. Being a teacher for special children was a dream came true. Although sweet dreams are short-lived, I had had that fulfillment. I have made some great friends from this job. I feel thankful.

Some thoughts were philosophical, some religious. I thought maybe I have some understandings of a different level. Sometimes I thought of life and death, particularly death which very much gets on Brian's nerve. I just go with the thought that it's just part and parcel of life.

Of course my mind gets too active sometimes, I'd delved into other aspects of my life. I won't go on writing..

These past few days I tried to sneak some time and today, I had the luxury to finish making 18 of these small drawstring sacks. I'll be giving them to the girls working in the company as a year end gift. There are 15 of them (I think and I'd counted).

I'm a 'just-in-case' person.


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