Saturday, December 16, 2006

On and Off

It drizzled for a while and the dark and dreary clouds were quite a reflection of the mood(s) going on around here the past few days.

See that electric cable? A few workmen were working on the cables outside the house and the off and on availability of electricity gets on my nerves...

While I managed to catch the 'ON' mode, I made a bag out of a pretty floral fabric (I think it used to be part of a tablecloth) which Melissa gave. I used kaki twill for the lining. To add a more vintage look to the bag, I stitched on a brown corduroy fabric yo yo which a crafty blogger Heather did a tutorial on.

The fabric yo yo reminds me of 'xiao long tang bao' soup dumplings served by the chinese restaurants. It's the main reason why I'll be eating there when I'm in the cities.

1 comment:

  1. what great use of that fabric! I knew you'd have a good idea for it.
    I like the yoyo too.


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