Saturday, December 09, 2006

new vintage quilt

A grandmother's flower garden quilt, completed today! Hooray! It was quite painstakingly difficult to put this together as all the patches were handsewn except for the borders and backing. I'm happy that I managed to pull through it and feel rather satisfied with the result.

Living in Palembang for the first few months, I was rather bored. At that time I hadn't got my sewing machine and I was thinking of doing quilting. It was exactly this motif of flower patches that I was thinking of doing for I remembered as a child, my mom used to make this type of quilt for my baby brother then. So it was pure coincidence when Brian's father took out my mom-in-law's stash of a few completed handicraft and craft supplies from his cupboard, I was to find a plastic bag of yet to be put together 'flower petals'. I was thrilled and took upon the task to complete it. By now, the fabric (a variety of batik, child's print etc) patches are vintage. The new additions for the quilt from me are this fabric, turquoise cotton and batting.

My intention for the quilt is to be a child's blanket. Upon completion, it measures almost 2 by 2 metres. I hope it'll be put to use soon..

Here is a peek at some of my favourite patches.

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  1. beautiful quilt Fiona! I admire your patience. I love how the fabrics are all such a mix- it's a very cosy-looking work of art!


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