Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My first swap mail arrived!

The other day when I was in Singapore, I asked to do a swap with Melissa, tiny happy. She so kindly agreed. When I received the parcel earlier today, I felt like it was my birthday again plus Christmas came early. I now feel like I have everything that I had wished for. She is so generous!

The pleasant scent of fig and leaves soap filled the air as I slowly (I was trying very hard!) opened and looked through the vintage fabric pieces, trimmings and buttons, cards Keira & Arlo helped made, Melissa's handmade purses, a beautiful green check vintage tablecloth and a jap feel like 5o's apron!.. and a pair of earrings made of seeds(!) and cute button magnets... oh, I love them all! I was in 'tiny happy land' momentarily and really enjoyed every minute! I can't thank you enough, Melissa!

Some close shots..

To show how happy I am..

A head of wayward hair and
a coffee stained teeth smile


  1. I'm so happy it arrived finally!Thank you Palembang postal service...
    And I'm so glad you ilke everything.

  2. Melissa said she had sent the earings in a swap, and I am happy to hear that you like them.


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