Thursday, December 21, 2006

long post

Followed Brian to a Screen Printing shop this late morning to fetch the door gifts for the year end party tomorrow. The door gifts are plastic tumblers and they got printed of the shop's logo, date, that sort of stuff..
Look what I found in the shop.

I think they're called transfer prints? Haven't seen them for ages. There are alphabet prints in various fonts, etc.. I thought the ones I got are rather interesting.

Made this camera pouch in the afternoon.

I feel my camera needs extra protection hence the batting I used. I sort of had another design in mind. Somehow it morphed (as usual) to the above, no complains though. I love the floral print quilt fabric Melissa gave. I'm trying to sting on it! The ribbon and cute pink button are from her too! --thank u!-- (That's why they're part of something I made for myself.... ha!) I added white linen and pink cotton and used red gingham checks for the lining.

Now I feel sad for the drawstring bag I'd used initially for my camera. It was gift from someone (oh dear... I can't recall who..) who has been to Japan. It's a beautiful green fabric with brinjals and chillis print. I just have to keep it first and find a use for it later.

With a little extra fabric, I made a zip pouch.

(sorry.. bad lighting!)

A lipstick will go nicely with it and that'll make a lovely present for say.. a girlfriend. I can make a few more of it, I guess.. and that means I can't sting on the nice floral print....hmm....

Pink seldom make an appearance in my life. I never know how to wear it and my things are hardly that shade. Well, I read in a magazine it's going to stay as one of the trends for next year. The feminine thing, pink with rose prints... I guess making a camera pouch in that theme is a good start. It somehow reminds me to step back and that it's okay I don't have to be and act tough all the time.. that it's okay to be dependent and be a wimpy woman once in a while.


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