Monday, December 04, 2006

ache, quilt, anticipation

I think Potato Dwarf has a girlfriend (grin..), of what origin I absolutely cannot tell. I have given up hope that I can make muffin/cupcake look-a-like brooch. There is a fish brooch beside the lady.

Sunday passed with me propping up on bed watching DVDs the whole day. Suffered from a mysterious bout of food poisoning and because of the necessary 'I shall spare you the details' vomitting, my shoulders and back now ache like I'd done a hundred times of push-ups.

For the next few days, I hope to complete the quilt that I had left hiding in a box for so long. See if I can post about it soon. Also in the meantime, I have been sticking my head out with much anticipation for the arrival of a special parcel from New Zealand.

and also... This dial-up system has been testing my patience beyond measure, sometimes taking up many hours to load just one photo. On bad days, it was impossible to even load one. I'm waiting for the broadband people to come fix up soon. Help!


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