Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some memories

A small drawstring sack I made in the afternoon.

I'll be making more of it. The main fabric is made in Japan and I used white lace quite the same as shoelace I think. Brings back fond memories of white school shoes. I really want to talk about the kuti-kuti I attached to the two ends of the drawstring. A photo taking session near Arab street previously in S'pore, I saw them packaged in little plastic bags and sold for a dollar each in a shop selling retro and out-of-production toys & stuff, I knew I have to get them. I bought four packets and regretted not buying more.

The kuti-kuti(s)/tokens I have are of birds and dogs in various colours. They look like sweets to me and I especially like to see one against the sunlight. The way sunlight pass through one, always thrills me without fail.

This sack has two bird tokens. It brought me back to my dream last night. Ya, I remembered that one or at least that part of my dream. (A little background: I used to own two lovebirds, handraised. Because of our shift beyond shores, I have no other practical choice but to give them away to an uncle's home. The last time we visited then we heard, they were flying in the skies already.) I dreamt of Olie and Snuggles. Witnessing them flying away from the cage, Olie first then Snuggles. It was a little emotional and that was the reason why I remembered. I wonder if they are lonely and how they are now.


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