Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reversible bags

From the sewing table, two reversible bags for sale, I hope.. on the SIP stall table. I wrote 'I hope' because I really do not know if the stall will work out at all. I'm merely sewing towards it, hopefully next year (I don't know which month) in Singapore. In the meantime, sewing is the only way to keep me occupied besides the little mundane(s) and I feel happy that I'm making something at least every other day.


On the left, there's a brooch of a pair of felt flowers to go along with the bag and the bag on the right has a tractors/trucks print fleece for its handle.

On the domestic front, the curtains are fixed! Our bedroom fills with a little natural afternoon light now. It's still a wee bit dark, ain't it? I'm contented already. I guess, Totoro's leaf will have some chance of surviving...


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