Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Looking for some peace

After going through the complications and all, finally Brian and I know for sure we will be returning this Sunday. It wasn't a peaceful process and we feel shortchanged in many ways from all the crappy bureaucracies' regime.

After the buying of air tickets, we did a walk to Waterloo Street not too far away from the travel agency. Had a very good chinese vegetarian meal and then walked through the street filled with interesting sights and sound and perhaps lots of energy...

Sri Krishnan Temple

A puzzling thing ocurred after I took a shot of the Goddess of Mercy Temple which was situated just beside the Sri Krishnan Temple. The image did not appear in my digi camera, instead it showed an 'error of the memory card' in the screen. First time it happened to my relatively new camera and memory card. I thought that was strange and took it as a sign that I shouldn't attempt a re-take and I did not further question it.

Outside the temple, there are so many flower peddlers. All vying for business. The peddlars make the street very lively and I like that. I got 'the eye' from one lady when I wasn't looking at hers..... Sure was hostile, huh....


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