Thursday, November 09, 2006

I want to go back. I really do.

But some unknown forces are holding Brian and me back. There are some administration issues which kept me frustrated and resigned to that, we could only do more shopping and eat more stuff in order to while away our time and of course, very much to our pockets' disagreements too.. I want to go back!!!

On the left is a vintage samsonite splurge at Granny's Day Out, Peninsula Plaza. I can't figure out the original colour. It's greenish cream colour now? The interior is still in good condition. Bitten "buy" the vintage bug, Brian and I go searching, at an alternative place, Thieves' market at Sungei Road yesterday. We indeed roughed it out with the uncles there. By golly, we found the brown one, a Long March which I believed a Chinese Brand now-defunct. The interior of the suitase albeit of a lower quality as compared to the Samsonite, is still in good condition. It comes with its original keys. For S$8, I'm happy.

The trip to Thieves' market proved even more rewarding when Brian spotted this

a Smena Symbol. Gosh, we are even more pleased it's still working. Price, S$15.

It certainly was a gratifying trip. What forces? Kind ones, I think...

and....... Happy Birthday Brian! ('*')/


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