Friday, November 10, 2006

I ripped apart a bag today.

Since Brian and I are still lurking around, we figured we should do some rearrangment of our belongings. Our study room had sort of became a storeroom many months ago before we left Singapore for Palembang. While Brian is hard at work now giving our study room a deserving new facelift, I decide to show you what I did just now..

Because the camouflage bag was torn and it couldn't be used again, I cut it up and have a few ideas on re-using some parts of it. Probably be making pouches and to sell them in my still-in-plan-flea- market- stall next year.

On the softer side,

I made a bumble bee using stocking, stuffing, green tape and metal sticks... to keep Orange Eyes company in a boring room.


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