Friday, November 24, 2006

Does it look granny-like to you?

I think so. I like it. A bag project I did today following the pattern from a Japanese craft book ISBN4-8347-2303-8.

My bag is made of brown corduroy and floral printed cord with green cotton checked apples for lining. I attached a reprod vintage yellow button with a little "diamonte" to the front. Upon finishing making the bag, I realised it's reversible!

A fun fact from the year 1962 'Have you ever wondered?' book.

Where did corduroy get its name?

From the french 'corde du roi', meaning the king's cord. The corded cloth was originally a fine fabric made in France. It usually was used to make the hunting clothes worn by royalty.


  1. lovely bag! I adore those 'granny-like' fabrics :)

  2. hi!! I love ur bag! I wanna learn how to sew....


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