Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some memories

A small drawstring sack I made in the afternoon.

I'll be making more of it. The main fabric is made in Japan and I used white lace quite the same as shoelace I think. Brings back fond memories of white school shoes. I really want to talk about the kuti-kuti I attached to the two ends of the drawstring. A photo taking session near Arab street previously in S'pore, I saw them packaged in little plastic bags and sold for a dollar each in a shop selling retro and out-of-production toys & stuff, I knew I have to get them. I bought four packets and regretted not buying more.

The kuti-kuti(s)/tokens I have are of birds and dogs in various colours. They look like sweets to me and I especially like to see one against the sunlight. The way sunlight pass through one, always thrills me without fail.

This sack has two bird tokens. It brought me back to my dream last night. Ya, I remembered that one or at least that part of my dream. (A little background: I used to own two lovebirds, handraised. Because of our shift beyond shores, I have no other practical choice but to give them away to an uncle's home. The last time we visited then we heard, they were flying in the skies already.) I dreamt of Olie and Snuggles. Witnessing them flying away from the cage, Olie first then Snuggles. It was a little emotional and that was the reason why I remembered. I wonder if they are lonely and how they are now.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2 legged horse & 2 Mr A.

This horse is entirely made of felt, stuffing & thread. It will be trotting away as a Christmas gift...

The pattern is from my ARANZI ARONZO's IRO IRO NUIGURUMI book of some interesting animals and rag dolls. These two guys (Mr Aranzi & Mr Aronzo) are the wackiest & clever people around to come up with really cute characters. When I wonder how one can create another adorable but different say... a rabbit character with so many cute ones already existing and there! These people do it... even with different versions!

night indulgence

There were some extra solitary hours last night as Brian worked late, dinner cooked and eaten and dogs were fed. Using those hours, I churned out one chocolate brown bag with vintage buttons and a stuffed tree for its otherwise plain look. It has a green with red flowers fabric for lining.

The cake boost my sugar level drop and off, I went to sleep.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

mushrooms & ?

I started on these two brooches of mushrooms this morning. They are made using scrap fabric from bags I made previously. I think they turned out O-Kay....
The other creature? All I can is my intention was for it to be a muffin, which just morphed into a Mr Mushroom? Mush fairy? Potato dwarf? Muffin-gone-wrong? Hmm.....

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reversible bags

From the sewing table, two reversible bags for sale, I hope.. on the SIP stall table. I wrote 'I hope' because I really do not know if the stall will work out at all. I'm merely sewing towards it, hopefully next year (I don't know which month) in Singapore. In the meantime, sewing is the only way to keep me occupied besides the little mundane(s) and I feel happy that I'm making something at least every other day.


On the left, there's a brooch of a pair of felt flowers to go along with the bag and the bag on the right has a tractors/trucks print fleece for its handle.

On the domestic front, the curtains are fixed! Our bedroom fills with a little natural afternoon light now. It's still a wee bit dark, ain't it? I'm contented already. I guess, Totoro's leaf will have some chance of surviving...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Does it look granny-like to you?

I think so. I like it. A bag project I did today following the pattern from a Japanese craft book ISBN4-8347-2303-8.

My bag is made of brown corduroy and floral printed cord with green cotton checked apples for lining. I attached a reprod vintage yellow button with a little "diamonte" to the front. Upon finishing making the bag, I realised it's reversible!

A fun fact from the year 1962 'Have you ever wondered?' book.

Where did corduroy get its name?

From the french 'corde du roi', meaning the king's cord. The corded cloth was originally a fine fabric made in France. It usually was used to make the hunting clothes worn by royalty.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Best friends ever!

My first pair of goodies for sale in my still-in-plan (SIP) stall.

I wanted to take a 'see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil' photo shoot of these two and the one I made for Brian.. but, I figured, nah... they won't be too cooperative anyway..

It's raining outside now. The whole house is dark for an afternoon. I'm looking forward to the new curtains so I can finally see what's going on outside and very importantly, let the sunlight in. In the meantime, I'll still be friends with the forever down old blinds....

Monday, November 20, 2006

Our 3rd year

A sock monkey made for him to the tunes of love songs sent by the airwaves of an Indonesian radio channel.
Yes, I'm finally back to our doggies and my sewing machine! dada da dada da da dum...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I heart The Smurfs

The Purple Smurfs

Friday, November 17, 2006

Couturier (ISBN4-89432-392-3)

I luuurve this magazine/catalogue, Couturier which I chanced upon (um.. not again, right?) in what maybe my current favourite bookstore. I had to pick this autumn-winter '06 volume up because it has lots of earth tones (especially brown, which maybe my current favourite colour) in many of the pictures inside. This zine/logue is filled with lots of crafty goodness. Card making, sewing, knitting, crocheting, jewellery/beads making, quilting and even wood stamp carving!

I'm really hoping to go back to sewing soon so I can have fun with these...

Cute key-cover chain and look at the felt flowers!

I would like to make a bag like this. It looks like a sleeveless top when flatten.

There are some fabulous ideas like this....

and I sure wish I have one of these to make.

When will the spring volume be on shelves in bookstores?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

chinese paper cuts

Got the paper cuts for a dollar from a shop near waterloo street yesterday. I remember learning to cut the chinese word 'shuang xi' (double happiness) on a piece of red paper from my maternal grandma. The occasion was my youngest aunt's wedding. That was probably about 15 years ago. Gosh.. I don't think I can repeat the feat..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Looking for some peace

After going through the complications and all, finally Brian and I know for sure we will be returning this Sunday. It wasn't a peaceful process and we feel shortchanged in many ways from all the crappy bureaucracies' regime.

After the buying of air tickets, we did a walk to Waterloo Street not too far away from the travel agency. Had a very good chinese vegetarian meal and then walked through the street filled with interesting sights and sound and perhaps lots of energy...

Sri Krishnan Temple

A puzzling thing ocurred after I took a shot of the Goddess of Mercy Temple which was situated just beside the Sri Krishnan Temple. The image did not appear in my digi camera, instead it showed an 'error of the memory card' in the screen. First time it happened to my relatively new camera and memory card. I thought that was strange and took it as a sign that I shouldn't attempt a re-take and I did not further question it.

Outside the temple, there are so many flower peddlers. All vying for business. The peddlars make the street very lively and I like that. I got 'the eye' from one lady when I wasn't looking at hers..... Sure was hostile, huh....

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Feeling happy

Of the rearrangement mentioned yesterday, it's completed! Yay!

My favourite corner of our study room.

I'm rejoicing cos my parcel for tiny happy's lovely Melissa had arrived at her side. She likes them! The children too! Yay!

Friday, November 10, 2006

I ripped apart a bag today.

Since Brian and I are still lurking around, we figured we should do some rearrangment of our belongings. Our study room had sort of became a storeroom many months ago before we left Singapore for Palembang. While Brian is hard at work now giving our study room a deserving new facelift, I decide to show you what I did just now..

Because the camouflage bag was torn and it couldn't be used again, I cut it up and have a few ideas on re-using some parts of it. Probably be making pouches and to sell them in my still-in-plan-flea- market- stall next year.

On the softer side,

I made a bumble bee using stocking, stuffing, green tape and metal sticks... to keep Orange Eyes company in a boring room.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I want to go back. I really do.

But some unknown forces are holding Brian and me back. There are some administration issues which kept me frustrated and resigned to that, we could only do more shopping and eat more stuff in order to while away our time and of course, very much to our pockets' disagreements too.. I want to go back!!!

On the left is a vintage samsonite splurge at Granny's Day Out, Peninsula Plaza. I can't figure out the original colour. It's greenish cream colour now? The interior is still in good condition. Bitten "buy" the vintage bug, Brian and I go searching, at an alternative place, Thieves' market at Sungei Road yesterday. We indeed roughed it out with the uncles there. By golly, we found the brown one, a Long March which I believed a Chinese Brand now-defunct. The interior of the suitase albeit of a lower quality as compared to the Samsonite, is still in good condition. It comes with its original keys. For S$8, I'm happy.

The trip to Thieves' market proved even more rewarding when Brian spotted this

a Smena Symbol. Gosh, we are even more pleased it's still working. Price, S$15.

It certainly was a gratifying trip. What forces? Kind ones, I think...

and....... Happy Birthday Brian! ('*')/

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Some Colour

Above are some colourful buttons I'm proud to own. I believe most of them are pretty old already. Got them from a shop in People's Park.

I hope to go back to Palembang early this week as I miss our dogs terribly and although I hate to admit it, I wish to go back to the mundane and get back to the 'usuals'. It's refereshing to be home in S'pore and feels great to catch up with family and friends over these weeks but I think it's too long a stay already. I need to feel productive again.

Friday, November 03, 2006

'fifi' tags


a little goldfish
once existed
for its big human;
it brought along
lots of joy,
a tinge of sadness
& tons of love.

Finally, my wish came true... I had hoped for the things I made/will be making to have a sense of belonging. So I was determined to get my label done this trip as I'm making plans in my head to set up a little stall for a day in my next trip back.

Now, I feel a great sense of relief. Having my own label renews my committment to sewing and makes me look forward to some unknown adventure in the future.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ghost girl

I got an unexpected gift! Thank you my dear friends, Asma & Iris! I think they got wind that I love to read. It sure looks very very interesting and I have to control myself from reading it so as to keep it for boring days in Indonesia.

I think the gist of the book is about a child with special needs.. I can't wait. Thank you, my two lovely special ed teachers! I sure hope I can get back working with special children in the future!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

a Bear for him

I made this bear

for Brian 5 years ago. I thought I'd thrown the pattern away but I found it at my parents' a few days ago and felt relieved. I had regretted throwing away the stuffing tools which at that point of time I'd found no use for them after making the bear. Contemplated for many days if I should blog about this bear as honestly, I found it quite unbear like. Sometimes I think it's hideous looking and I asked myself how in the world..... Of cos, Brian would defend and say he like it very much.

The reason I decided to blog about this 'Orange Eyes' which I believed it's what I named him that number of years ago was because this book

found me... today.... I made a beeline for the book the moment I saw it and I'm being reminded of Orange Eyes and since it was the only copy left and on an offer, I thought it's meant to be.