Sunday, October 01, 2006

strawberry grassland

Started on these templates for the 'unfinised Mummy's (grandmother's flower garden) quilt' yesterday. I aim to complete all 64 of these templates by today. I bought this fabric from Brian's cousin Sylvia whom we visited in Jakarta last weekend. She is an experienced quilter and had a little business selling things she made. She also conduct lessons. However I didn't get the opportunity to learn from her this time.

I chose this fabric among her other delicious looking ones. Strawberry is one type in my bring-it-on fruit list and I already had in mind to fill up the quilt with 'grass patch' so the green tone agreed with me. Besides the combination of light pink and green puts me in some sort of a dreamland.

Have a dreamy day.. mine is hazy....


  1. hey hey my beloved!

    just wanna say that the strawberry patches reminds me of our long ago home ed lessons where we had to do some sewing... keke! that's as long as i can remember taking up the needle and thread!
    (although i recently attempted to sew my bag but ended up with pierced fingers! i'm better off washing dishes!)

  2. I quite enjoy the home ed lessons although the Mrs 'what was her name?' was strict and you were my partner!!! :-) I remembered those rock cookies and my awfully pink blouse....


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