Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An owl for the pugilist

Made this eyeglass case according to the sewing pattern I got a few days ago. It's my first official completed project from the vintage McCall's 8895 which puts a smile on me whenever I look at it. The instructions are to use felt cloth in cute colours like blue and green. Who would know that my surplus teaching materials would come in handy here? I have had like a handful of felt of various colours from Daiso, with the intention of making hand puppets which never materialise back then..

Anyway I guess the colour of this owl eyeglass case should suit the pugilist whom I made it for, better.. Received the aforementioned person's letter yesterday. I thought this brudder of ours will never speak to me again til our next alcohol drowning session. I'm glad to hear from him and the photo he sent makes me miss everyone so much....


  1. Make me an eyeglass case for my shades! These are nice!

  2. HAH! I have that same pattern, but the instructions have been lost. It makes me grin, too. If you scan the instructions, I'll be your friend forever.


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