Saturday, October 07, 2006

gocco me?

Just when I discovered the fascinating printing gadget, Print Gocco, do I have to deal with the news that it's going out-of-production??? I'm crying out loud here!!! This is not a very good news to one who is rather enthusiastic and thinking of doing DIY printing... Imagine the prices that is going to be on ebay!

You can read more about it in savegocco website here.

Sob! Can anyone be so kind to help me do some research back home? Like is it for sale in any art shops.. say Bras Basah? How much is it? That's very very crucial. Do you or anyone you know has one? How cool a gadget is it? E-mail me!! Pretty please, I'll get Gioia to lick you, forget about those 'animal screen cleaners' advert you see, I'll even get Mambo.. For your sake, I'll give Mickey a miss.....


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