Thursday, October 26, 2006

fabric shopping

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Chinatown, People's Park


Went to Chinatown and Spotlight yesterday to get those fabric. I wanted to write about them last night but I was just too tired. There was a little episode at Chinatown where I bought one of the fabric from one uncle. He, made me, real pissed off... Well, since it was a day ago, I'm not too angry anymore. The story is, I asked for a metre of the fabric (second, top row). He asked me, in a 'so little, might as well don't buy' manner, "One metre, for what?". Honestly, I was stunned! Why so rude? I have to pay to suffer a tantrum!

Anyway, to me, those purchases were a real splurge. I should say I bought them at bargain prices but how cheap is cheap here in $ingapore? Now, they are ready to be brought home to Palembang, I just can't wait to let them meet my sewing machine. How I miss my machine friend and for my doggies' sake, I miss them more. Sigh, how are you, Gioia, Mickey, Mambo?

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  1. hello! i got linked here from 'tiny happy'... and i love the polka dot fabric fr Chinatown as well as the awesome print on the IKEA one! :) the buttons are lovely too... Thanks for sharing, I think I'll head down with my sister sometime. :D


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