Saturday, October 21, 2006

A bookworm on the hunt

Now that I'm back in S'pore, I can't wait to get hold of books and many books to read and adore. Adore? Yah, I think I'm one of those who snif through the pages, touch the cover tenderly and ogle at the pictures (if any) in books. So off I go to the library and borrowed straight off the shelf, 4 of Amy Tan's works... Ambitious me... I hope I can finish reading by the time I have to leave..

Did I mention that the Bras basah complex is just too conveniently located next to the library in Bugis? Hah! I was surprised but very very thrilled to find these craft books in one of those second hand bookstores there.

They were not exactly a steal. But I just can't resist not letting them have a proper home.

And how can I give Kinokuniya a miss? Look at how I succumbed....


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