Monday, October 23, 2006

Accessory for that moment

I'm not one who makes a conscious effort to put on accessories before I go out everytime. I'll only put on something when I really feel like it or when I want to think of the person/people who gave it to me or the circumstance when I bought it. I don't have many but each piece of accessory and jewellery of mine holds a memory of an occasion or a person. Each tells a story when I look at it. Even if I won't wear a necklace given to me, I'll never give it away or throw.

I'm rediscovering some of my belongings. I made the the wooden necklace, say a year ago? I was inspired by one boutique selling something like it with plastic beads. But I couldn't recreate the look. I bought the wooden beads and string from a shop across a school I once worked at. It looks like a big funky version of a monk's prayer beads. I could never wear it out..not my style and I hope to meet one whom I can give, to carry it off.

Above was something Brian bought me when we were at Little India this trip back. I love it, wearing the same clothes consecutive days just so I can match them. For the record, it's probably brass, spray painted with gold colour paint. I always think wearing gold coloured accessory only suit older people. I guess I'm just old already.....


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