Saturday, October 28, 2006

Took a long walk

in my favourite place today.

photo: tree in the Botanic Gardens

Thursday, October 26, 2006

metal wires?

Went to the esplanade earlier and saw this interesting visual art of human forms by a local sculptor, Victor Tan.

fabric shopping

Bought from


Chinatown, People's Park


Went to Chinatown and Spotlight yesterday to get those fabric. I wanted to write about them last night but I was just too tired. There was a little episode at Chinatown where I bought one of the fabric from one uncle. He, made me, real pissed off... Well, since it was a day ago, I'm not too angry anymore. The story is, I asked for a metre of the fabric (second, top row). He asked me, in a 'so little, might as well don't buy' manner, "One metre, for what?". Honestly, I was stunned! Why so rude? I have to pay to suffer a tantrum!

Anyway, to me, those purchases were a real splurge. I should say I bought them at bargain prices but how cheap is cheap here in $ingapore? Now, they are ready to be brought home to Palembang, I just can't wait to let them meet my sewing machine. How I miss my machine friend and for my doggies' sake, I miss them more. Sigh, how are you, Gioia, Mickey, Mambo?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Pins for awareness

October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness. The pink ribbon is a symbol of awareness and hope for women living with breast cancer.

I saw a tree decorated 'Christmas tree' style with the ribbons after a trip to Ikea this evening.

My little pin collection.....

Accessory for that moment

I'm not one who makes a conscious effort to put on accessories before I go out everytime. I'll only put on something when I really feel like it or when I want to think of the person/people who gave it to me or the circumstance when I bought it. I don't have many but each piece of accessory and jewellery of mine holds a memory of an occasion or a person. Each tells a story when I look at it. Even if I won't wear a necklace given to me, I'll never give it away or throw.

I'm rediscovering some of my belongings. I made the the wooden necklace, say a year ago? I was inspired by one boutique selling something like it with plastic beads. But I couldn't recreate the look. I bought the wooden beads and string from a shop across a school I once worked at. It looks like a big funky version of a monk's prayer beads. I could never wear it out..not my style and I hope to meet one whom I can give, to carry it off.

Above was something Brian bought me when we were at Little India this trip back. I love it, wearing the same clothes consecutive days just so I can match them. For the record, it's probably brass, spray painted with gold colour paint. I always think wearing gold coloured accessory only suit older people. I guess I'm just old already.....

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A bookworm on the hunt

Now that I'm back in S'pore, I can't wait to get hold of books and many books to read and adore. Adore? Yah, I think I'm one of those who snif through the pages, touch the cover tenderly and ogle at the pictures (if any) in books. So off I go to the library and borrowed straight off the shelf, 4 of Amy Tan's works... Ambitious me... I hope I can finish reading by the time I have to leave..

Did I mention that the Bras basah complex is just too conveniently located next to the library in Bugis? Hah! I was surprised but very very thrilled to find these craft books in one of those second hand bookstores there.

They were not exactly a steal. But I just can't resist not letting them have a proper home.

And how can I give Kinokuniya a miss? Look at how I succumbed....

the bedroom shoes

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Candle is burning...

I did a pair of bedroom shoes today but because of the blackout, I couldn't take a picture of it...

Sigh... Blackouts are one too many irritating frequent ocurrences here.....

I'll be in Singapore for awhile, leaving tomorrow... I hope to be able to blog soon..

See you around!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

crafty stationery

Lethargy overwhelmed me these two days... Things didn't seem to go right like.. the dog ate the thread?? More like spoilt my only spool of black thread.. hmmm, angry! (Can't I leave my things on the coffee table just for an hour??) ... and cutting a pattern on the wrong side of fabric...
So to put things right back on track again, we had dinner at A&W's and got some stationery.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A kitty was born today!

It wasn't an easy labour. My blanket stitching skill is horrible! But, I'm happy!! I've been meaning to make this kitty for a while and the wonderful hub brought me out yesterday to get some stuffing and batting for the quilt I'm still working at. The clever and generous Wee Wonderfuls' creator Hillary Lang shared her Pointy Kitty Pattern in her weblog.

I think I'll call her Nori. Gioia gave her a long hard stare then finally gave in, and sniffed her gently...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

gocco me?

Just when I discovered the fascinating printing gadget, Print Gocco, do I have to deal with the news that it's going out-of-production??? I'm crying out loud here!!! This is not a very good news to one who is rather enthusiastic and thinking of doing DIY printing... Imagine the prices that is going to be on ebay!

You can read more about it in savegocco website here.

Sob! Can anyone be so kind to help me do some research back home? Like is it for sale in any art shops.. say Bras Basah? How much is it? That's very very crucial. Do you or anyone you know has one? How cool a gadget is it? E-mail me!! Pretty please, I'll get Gioia to lick you, forget about those 'animal screen cleaners' advert you see, I'll even get Mambo.. For your sake, I'll give Mickey a miss.....

raffia in a ruffian town

Going somewhere colourful raffia strings?

photo: bundles of raffia string on back of a motorbike

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Izik Levy - glass designer & artist

It's amazing and inspirational to find out about clever and creative people out there in the world. Internet is good, for me.

Glass work/creation is something I can only dream of doing.. Quite like pottery... Hm... Fun doing stuff but out of reach. I just found out about this interesting artist, Izik Levy. Beautiful and rather cute hotglass+flame creations he have. Do check out his glass robot pendants (they're really cute!), sock monkey pendants and apple beads and the others too!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

elephant eyeglass case

An owl for the pugilist

Made this eyeglass case according to the sewing pattern I got a few days ago. It's my first official completed project from the vintage McCall's 8895 which puts a smile on me whenever I look at it. The instructions are to use felt cloth in cute colours like blue and green. Who would know that my surplus teaching materials would come in handy here? I have had like a handful of felt of various colours from Daiso, with the intention of making hand puppets which never materialise back then..

Anyway I guess the colour of this owl eyeglass case should suit the pugilist whom I made it for, better.. Received the aforementioned person's letter yesterday. I thought this brudder of ours will never speak to me again til our next alcohol drowning session. I'm glad to hear from him and the photo he sent makes me miss everyone so much....

Sunday, October 01, 2006

strawberry grassland

Started on these templates for the 'unfinised Mummy's (grandmother's flower garden) quilt' yesterday. I aim to complete all 64 of these templates by today. I bought this fabric from Brian's cousin Sylvia whom we visited in Jakarta last weekend. She is an experienced quilter and had a little business selling things she made. She also conduct lessons. However I didn't get the opportunity to learn from her this time.

I chose this fabric among her other delicious looking ones. Strawberry is one type in my bring-it-on fruit list and I already had in mind to fill up the quilt with 'grass patch' so the green tone agreed with me. Besides the combination of light pink and green puts me in some sort of a dreamland.

Have a dreamy day.. mine is hazy....