Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hazy days & nights in a sickly week

and I'm seeing red. Really mad cos this is like my 3rd attempt putting up my first post on blogger. While I'm waiting for my photo to load on a dial-up system, I aologise for my MIA in the internet world. If this is not your first time reading the explanation, we had some problems with our previous service provider and it's ciao and sayonara. Waiting for the refund and I'd like this to be my last explanantion. Yep, I'm real mad..

all our previous entries were wiped out and I'm not really heading a good start here.. Heck! Give it a try, you say! :-)

All in all, the reasons for this blog
1) boredom needs an extra outlet
2) share my current craze; craftwork
3) let on the world a bit of my quirky universe

So, joy to you and to me
and I hope I'm able to last long here...


Photo: A hazy field beside Amor De Dios


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