Saturday, September 30, 2006

Arrived finally!

Hooray! My first 3 vintage sewing patterns have arrived (after some agonizing days of waiting) in the office, I heard! I can't wait to see them once they're home, of cos I'll be thrilled as well to see the 'bringer' a.k.a. my 'hub'. I didn't have the patience to find the 3rd image which is a girl's jacket, shorts and pants pattern envelope to show.

I got the patterns from Lanetz Living. The nice lady has a wonderful selection (loads and loads) of vintage and out-of-print sewing patterns. Which explained why I gave up looking for the 3rd image. I just didn't want to get too distracted....

I see so much possibilities and my head is smacked up with lots of ideas. I need a rope to restrain my mind....


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