Saturday, December 23, 2006

They say imitation is the best form of flattery?

This is what I see out of the living room's window today. Lovely roses in bloom.

and because I love the style of the apron (thanks again, Melissa!) so much, I can't resist but made a copy of it. It's fabric comes from a new sarong I bought at a decent price from a supermart. I remembered the time I got it was the period of the Hari Raya Puasa celebration. They had lots of these sarongs in stock then. When I was choosing one from the rack, a girl beside me was rather embarassed to be seen making a selection. Took one and off she went, very quickly. Was I hitting on some sort of taboo action? Til this day, I have no clue.

I like the weaving and colours of this sarong fabric. There are two vintage mismatched buttons. I was thrilled to use the button hole function on my machine! Sewing on the bias tape was almost traumatic for me. Need to work on it!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

long post

Followed Brian to a Screen Printing shop this late morning to fetch the door gifts for the year end party tomorrow. The door gifts are plastic tumblers and they got printed of the shop's logo, date, that sort of stuff..
Look what I found in the shop.

I think they're called transfer prints? Haven't seen them for ages. There are alphabet prints in various fonts, etc.. I thought the ones I got are rather interesting.

Made this camera pouch in the afternoon.

I feel my camera needs extra protection hence the batting I used. I sort of had another design in mind. Somehow it morphed (as usual) to the above, no complains though. I love the floral print quilt fabric Melissa gave. I'm trying to sting on it! The ribbon and cute pink button are from her too! --thank u!-- (That's why they're part of something I made for myself.... ha!) I added white linen and pink cotton and used red gingham checks for the lining.

Now I feel sad for the drawstring bag I'd used initially for my camera. It was gift from someone (oh dear... I can't recall who..) who has been to Japan. It's a beautiful green fabric with brinjals and chillis print. I just have to keep it first and find a use for it later.

With a little extra fabric, I made a zip pouch.

(sorry.. bad lighting!)

A lipstick will go nicely with it and that'll make a lovely present for say.. a girlfriend. I can make a few more of it, I guess.. and that means I can't sting on the nice floral print....hmm....

Pink seldom make an appearance in my life. I never know how to wear it and my things are hardly that shade. Well, I read in a magazine it's going to stay as one of the trends for next year. The feminine thing, pink with rose prints... I guess making a camera pouch in that theme is a good start. It somehow reminds me to step back and that it's okay I don't have to be and act tough all the time.. that it's okay to be dependent and be a wimpy woman once in a while.

The Night Before Christmas

Walt Disney (1933)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some ideas just can't be realised

These brooches are made out of scrap fabric, stuffing and thread.

See that marine like animal? I intended it to be a whale. Brian said it looks more like a piranha. Duh? Okay, we compromised.
It's a fish with spiky hair then....

Monday, December 18, 2006

floral bookbag

This week looks like it's going to be a busy one.. Some administrative stuff to do, preparations for the company's year end party and some wrapping up before the company close for the holidays before Christmas.
Will try to do as much crafting as I can...

Ha! I fell asleep while watching Star Wars episode I on cable TV early last night.. Sure wouldn't want to do the same thing for the later episodes showing on the next few weekends (Yay!). I wouldn't want to miss the endings again..

Above is a bookbag made of a colorful floral fleece given to me by kind Melissa and it has Kaki twill for its lining. It has a little pocket more decorative than functional on its front. The bag is going to the SIP stall.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Spotty dog

A spotty dog with a sideway --slightly-- round tummy.
You have skin allergy? He understands..

Made out of a once-loved old blouse, stuffing and felt. He's going to the SIP stall.

The pattern is from the Iro Iro Nuigurumi Book.

A happy Sunday to you!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

On and Off

It drizzled for a while and the dark and dreary clouds were quite a reflection of the mood(s) going on around here the past few days.

See that electric cable? A few workmen were working on the cables outside the house and the off and on availability of electricity gets on my nerves...

While I managed to catch the 'ON' mode, I made a bag out of a pretty floral fabric (I think it used to be part of a tablecloth) which Melissa gave. I used kaki twill for the lining. To add a more vintage look to the bag, I stitched on a brown corduroy fabric yo yo which a crafty blogger Heather did a tutorial on.

The fabric yo yo reminds me of 'xiao long tang bao' soup dumplings served by the chinese restaurants. It's the main reason why I'll be eating there when I'm in the cities.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

year end thoughts

The year is almost coming to an end. I've started thinking of new year resolutions. Not that I can remember what this year's was. It just feels better that I'm making plans and maybe if I were to declare on this blog, I might remember and stick to them. Well, I'll think...

I've also been doing some reflection. On what this year means to me. On my relationships with my family. Of some friendships, distanced, fostered, lost.... Of some things I'd done, should have done...

I was grateful for the job I'd held previously for that was my dream job and I was thrilled that I could get it. Being a teacher for special children was a dream came true. Although sweet dreams are short-lived, I had had that fulfillment. I have made some great friends from this job. I feel thankful.

Some thoughts were philosophical, some religious. I thought maybe I have some understandings of a different level. Sometimes I thought of life and death, particularly death which very much gets on Brian's nerve. I just go with the thought that it's just part and parcel of life.

Of course my mind gets too active sometimes, I'd delved into other aspects of my life. I won't go on writing..

These past few days I tried to sneak some time and today, I had the luxury to finish making 18 of these small drawstring sacks. I'll be giving them to the girls working in the company as a year end gift. There are 15 of them (I think and I'd counted).

I'm a 'just-in-case' person.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My first swap mail arrived!

The other day when I was in Singapore, I asked to do a swap with Melissa, tiny happy. She so kindly agreed. When I received the parcel earlier today, I felt like it was my birthday again plus Christmas came early. I now feel like I have everything that I had wished for. She is so generous!

The pleasant scent of fig and leaves soap filled the air as I slowly (I was trying very hard!) opened and looked through the vintage fabric pieces, trimmings and buttons, cards Keira & Arlo helped made, Melissa's handmade purses, a beautiful green check vintage tablecloth and a jap feel like 5o's apron!.. and a pair of earrings made of seeds(!) and cute button magnets... oh, I love them all! I was in 'tiny happy land' momentarily and really enjoyed every minute! I can't thank you enough, Melissa!

Some close shots..

To show how happy I am..

A head of wayward hair and
a coffee stained teeth smile

Saturday, December 09, 2006

new vintage quilt

A grandmother's flower garden quilt, completed today! Hooray! It was quite painstakingly difficult to put this together as all the patches were handsewn except for the borders and backing. I'm happy that I managed to pull through it and feel rather satisfied with the result.

Living in Palembang for the first few months, I was rather bored. At that time I hadn't got my sewing machine and I was thinking of doing quilting. It was exactly this motif of flower patches that I was thinking of doing for I remembered as a child, my mom used to make this type of quilt for my baby brother then. So it was pure coincidence when Brian's father took out my mom-in-law's stash of a few completed handicraft and craft supplies from his cupboard, I was to find a plastic bag of yet to be put together 'flower petals'. I was thrilled and took upon the task to complete it. By now, the fabric (a variety of batik, child's print etc) patches are vintage. The new additions for the quilt from me are this fabric, turquoise cotton and batting.

My intention for the quilt is to be a child's blanket. Upon completion, it measures almost 2 by 2 metres. I hope it'll be put to use soon..

Here is a peek at some of my favourite patches.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My 1000 tags

The tags arrived today! Yay! I thought it would be many days later and I was panicking over the few leftovers from my sample batch.

I'm still working on the quilt. Will be buying fabric for its borders and backing, hopefully tomorrow...

Nope, no parcel yet. Come on! and the broadband network is still not within sight....

Monday, December 04, 2006

ache, quilt, anticipation

I think Potato Dwarf has a girlfriend (grin..), of what origin I absolutely cannot tell. I have given up hope that I can make muffin/cupcake look-a-like brooch. There is a fish brooch beside the lady.

Sunday passed with me propping up on bed watching DVDs the whole day. Suffered from a mysterious bout of food poisoning and because of the necessary 'I shall spare you the details' vomitting, my shoulders and back now ache like I'd done a hundred times of push-ups.

For the next few days, I hope to complete the quilt that I had left hiding in a box for so long. See if I can post about it soon. Also in the meantime, I have been sticking my head out with much anticipation for the arrival of a special parcel from New Zealand.

and also... This dial-up system has been testing my patience beyond measure, sometimes taking up many hours to load just one photo. On bad days, it was impossible to even load one. I'm waiting for the broadband people to come fix up soon. Help!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

this morning

It was raining early morning and the Jasmine flowers blossomed in our garden, with me catching its morning scent in the air when Mambo and I were out in the garden.

Here he was frolicking, much to the dismay and jealousy of Mickey and Gioia. "Sorry guys, you brought this upon yourselves."

For the previous post, here's a picture of Olie the fiesty and Snuggles the sweetie.

Olie was so named because of its green feathers and I like olive green. Snuggles was named after its affectionate nature, always snuggling when being fed its formula when it was still a chick. Miss them..

After breakfast, I attempted my first recycling project. Cut up an old T-shirt for this bookbag's lining and applique. I figure it is time to protect my books from the way I chuck it inside my carry bag and I hate my books to have dog-ears.

I have a thing for the notorious pirate's logo. My favourite Paul Frank's character is none other than Scurvy, a reincarnated pirate who died of the lack-of-vitamin-C disease. Cute.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some memories

A small drawstring sack I made in the afternoon.

I'll be making more of it. The main fabric is made in Japan and I used white lace quite the same as shoelace I think. Brings back fond memories of white school shoes. I really want to talk about the kuti-kuti I attached to the two ends of the drawstring. A photo taking session near Arab street previously in S'pore, I saw them packaged in little plastic bags and sold for a dollar each in a shop selling retro and out-of-production toys & stuff, I knew I have to get them. I bought four packets and regretted not buying more.

The kuti-kuti(s)/tokens I have are of birds and dogs in various colours. They look like sweets to me and I especially like to see one against the sunlight. The way sunlight pass through one, always thrills me without fail.

This sack has two bird tokens. It brought me back to my dream last night. Ya, I remembered that one or at least that part of my dream. (A little background: I used to own two lovebirds, handraised. Because of our shift beyond shores, I have no other practical choice but to give them away to an uncle's home. The last time we visited then we heard, they were flying in the skies already.) I dreamt of Olie and Snuggles. Witnessing them flying away from the cage, Olie first then Snuggles. It was a little emotional and that was the reason why I remembered. I wonder if they are lonely and how they are now.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2 legged horse & 2 Mr A.

This horse is entirely made of felt, stuffing & thread. It will be trotting away as a Christmas gift...

The pattern is from my ARANZI ARONZO's IRO IRO NUIGURUMI book of some interesting animals and rag dolls. These two guys (Mr Aranzi & Mr Aronzo) are the wackiest & clever people around to come up with really cute characters. When I wonder how one can create another adorable but different say... a rabbit character with so many cute ones already existing and there! These people do it... even with different versions!

night indulgence

There were some extra solitary hours last night as Brian worked late, dinner cooked and eaten and dogs were fed. Using those hours, I churned out one chocolate brown bag with vintage buttons and a stuffed tree for its otherwise plain look. It has a green with red flowers fabric for lining.

The cake boost my sugar level drop and off, I went to sleep.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

mushrooms & ?

I started on these two brooches of mushrooms this morning. They are made using scrap fabric from bags I made previously. I think they turned out O-Kay....
The other creature? All I can is my intention was for it to be a muffin, which just morphed into a Mr Mushroom? Mush fairy? Potato dwarf? Muffin-gone-wrong? Hmm.....

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reversible bags

From the sewing table, two reversible bags for sale, I hope.. on the SIP stall table. I wrote 'I hope' because I really do not know if the stall will work out at all. I'm merely sewing towards it, hopefully next year (I don't know which month) in Singapore. In the meantime, sewing is the only way to keep me occupied besides the little mundane(s) and I feel happy that I'm making something at least every other day.


On the left, there's a brooch of a pair of felt flowers to go along with the bag and the bag on the right has a tractors/trucks print fleece for its handle.

On the domestic front, the curtains are fixed! Our bedroom fills with a little natural afternoon light now. It's still a wee bit dark, ain't it? I'm contented already. I guess, Totoro's leaf will have some chance of surviving...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Does it look granny-like to you?

I think so. I like it. A bag project I did today following the pattern from a Japanese craft book ISBN4-8347-2303-8.

My bag is made of brown corduroy and floral printed cord with green cotton checked apples for lining. I attached a reprod vintage yellow button with a little "diamonte" to the front. Upon finishing making the bag, I realised it's reversible!

A fun fact from the year 1962 'Have you ever wondered?' book.

Where did corduroy get its name?

From the french 'corde du roi', meaning the king's cord. The corded cloth was originally a fine fabric made in France. It usually was used to make the hunting clothes worn by royalty.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Best friends ever!

My first pair of goodies for sale in my still-in-plan (SIP) stall.

I wanted to take a 'see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil' photo shoot of these two and the one I made for Brian.. but, I figured, nah... they won't be too cooperative anyway..

It's raining outside now. The whole house is dark for an afternoon. I'm looking forward to the new curtains so I can finally see what's going on outside and very importantly, let the sunlight in. In the meantime, I'll still be friends with the forever down old blinds....

Monday, November 20, 2006

Our 3rd year

A sock monkey made for him to the tunes of love songs sent by the airwaves of an Indonesian radio channel.
Yes, I'm finally back to our doggies and my sewing machine! dada da dada da da dum...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I heart The Smurfs

The Purple Smurfs

Friday, November 17, 2006

Couturier (ISBN4-89432-392-3)

I luuurve this magazine/catalogue, Couturier which I chanced upon (um.. not again, right?) in what maybe my current favourite bookstore. I had to pick this autumn-winter '06 volume up because it has lots of earth tones (especially brown, which maybe my current favourite colour) in many of the pictures inside. This zine/logue is filled with lots of crafty goodness. Card making, sewing, knitting, crocheting, jewellery/beads making, quilting and even wood stamp carving!

I'm really hoping to go back to sewing soon so I can have fun with these...

Cute key-cover chain and look at the felt flowers!

I would like to make a bag like this. It looks like a sleeveless top when flatten.

There are some fabulous ideas like this....

and I sure wish I have one of these to make.

When will the spring volume be on shelves in bookstores?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

chinese paper cuts

Got the paper cuts for a dollar from a shop near waterloo street yesterday. I remember learning to cut the chinese word 'shuang xi' (double happiness) on a piece of red paper from my maternal grandma. The occasion was my youngest aunt's wedding. That was probably about 15 years ago. Gosh.. I don't think I can repeat the feat..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Looking for some peace

After going through the complications and all, finally Brian and I know for sure we will be returning this Sunday. It wasn't a peaceful process and we feel shortchanged in many ways from all the crappy bureaucracies' regime.

After the buying of air tickets, we did a walk to Waterloo Street not too far away from the travel agency. Had a very good chinese vegetarian meal and then walked through the street filled with interesting sights and sound and perhaps lots of energy...

Sri Krishnan Temple

A puzzling thing ocurred after I took a shot of the Goddess of Mercy Temple which was situated just beside the Sri Krishnan Temple. The image did not appear in my digi camera, instead it showed an 'error of the memory card' in the screen. First time it happened to my relatively new camera and memory card. I thought that was strange and took it as a sign that I shouldn't attempt a re-take and I did not further question it.

Outside the temple, there are so many flower peddlers. All vying for business. The peddlars make the street very lively and I like that. I got 'the eye' from one lady when I wasn't looking at hers..... Sure was hostile, huh....

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Feeling happy

Of the rearrangement mentioned yesterday, it's completed! Yay!

My favourite corner of our study room.

I'm rejoicing cos my parcel for tiny happy's lovely Melissa had arrived at her side. She likes them! The children too! Yay!

Friday, November 10, 2006

I ripped apart a bag today.

Since Brian and I are still lurking around, we figured we should do some rearrangment of our belongings. Our study room had sort of became a storeroom many months ago before we left Singapore for Palembang. While Brian is hard at work now giving our study room a deserving new facelift, I decide to show you what I did just now..

Because the camouflage bag was torn and it couldn't be used again, I cut it up and have a few ideas on re-using some parts of it. Probably be making pouches and to sell them in my still-in-plan-flea- market- stall next year.

On the softer side,

I made a bumble bee using stocking, stuffing, green tape and metal sticks... to keep Orange Eyes company in a boring room.